How to Play Blackjack | The Very Basics

Did you ever find yourself jealous of your friends who know how to play blackjack? You always get together and they sit and play and you sit and watch, laughing along whenever the rest does. Or even worse, you go home and the rest goes to some blackjack playing club. If any of the situations seems familiar to you and you actually are not so happy with it then now it  is time you learn how to play blackjack. Period. One thing to realize here that it is impossible to just learn and be great at it. The greatness will come after some time, during which you’ll little by little start practicing the games. Some folks get in no time – you know, special talents, born gamblers – some will take longer to grasp and feel all the details, so don’t worry if it won’t hit you over one fine night, you’ll set your own pace.

Okay, at the initial stages to getting to know blackjack, the theory is the key. In the year two thousand something you do not have to get a library membership to have access to various literature sources, because you have the internet. Even if you do know something, start reading the very basic guides: what the game is about, how many varieties there are, how many and what cards are used, etc. Even the history behind will help. The you can start reading the rules. At the very first glance you might think that the rules were the easiest part, however if you dig deeper and learn about what players has to or cannot do, what dealers are responsible for, you’ll see that it requires some studying. Once you have done that, you should be ready to check out how to play blackjack online.

Online games not only will allow to practice all you want without spending money, but also will give you a good chance to play without any peer pressure. Just you and the dealer. Nowadays there are literally millions of sites where you can find various casino games, so you won’t have any problems finding one or two online. After playing just to see what it really is about, you can start learning how to improve your game. Now you know that there are different bets going and how to bet in blackjack matters just as much as playing your cards right. Find a guide, the more different guides the better, explaining different betting strategies. A good idea would be to apply it to the game right away to understand it better as well as see its results. There are several of them and all have some good points in them.

Then you need to acquaint yourself with strategy charts for blackjack. Since blackjack can be played with 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 decks of cards, there are several charts that suit better certain number of decks. These charts show the most optimal actions to take for every hand in various situations. They are not hundred percent failure-free however you will highly increase your chances to win if you’ve learn how to apply them. And the best way to learn that is have the chart near you and play the game at the same time. If you feel like have gained enough skills to join your friends now would be the time to do that. You won’t be as good as them, so if the crowd gathers to play blackjack for money, politely decline the offer, and instead suggest a couple of free rounds. So keep practicing, keep learning something new every time, and good luck.