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The food truck trend

An original and well-thought décor is the key when it comes to a successful restaurant. Even if the food is delicious, a plain and ugly décor can discourage your potential customers from coming into your place. But what about street food? Are the same rules applied? Recently there has been a rise in the number of food trucks – restaurants on the four wheels. They serve takeaway food to the customers standing on the outside, hence no décor necessary. Are food trucks a good business idea?

How open food track?

First of all, you need a good business plan, and then you need to find a good place. The best places are in the city center where there are constant crowds of people. To run a successful business you need to be original and the meals you serve have to be extraordinary.

Next you have to think whether your place will be open the whole year round or only in a particular season, e.g. people like to have cold drinks during the summertime, but something warm to drink in the summer. The most vital thing is the vehicle – will you redo your own or buy a new truck?

New York, NYS, USA