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Bloggers and the virtual world – how do these phenomena develop?

How come that the bloggers’ wave of popularity is growing? How far will it take them? Is it just a temporary trend or are they really conquering the world?

15 years ago

Let’s go back to the times when it all got started. First, there were blogs, where people would make some notes on celebrities, their everyday lives, favorite bands or sweet pets. These were the most popular topics among teenagers. They were the ones who made this business tick. It seems that the older started doing blogs a bit later in time. When they did, they would post about their everyday life problems, their thoughts and fears. From tips on “how to decorate your kitchen”, through pieces of advice on how to raise your kids, to political, religious and lifestyle debates.

10 years ago

Some time passed by and the habitues of the Internet decided to invite their virtual audience home. They started sharing more content unveiling their everyday life dressed in a nice picture. This gave birth to photo-blogs – some kind of a diary with stories told by photographs. Photo-blogs’ users would publish their pics and add some comments and notes on their day.

Later on, the popularity of those digital diaries lapsed as the focus of the Internet activities has changed. Instead of presenting their own content only, people became interested in making new friends online. Social media came into action and blogs were suddenly left behind. Next to Facebook, there were also several vertical portals dedicated to one specific subject. The most well- known websites in Poland at that time would be,, or

5 years ago

A big come back. After a short break, blogs returned with their refreshed and refined content. The change did not affected only the graphics and texts, but also the status of the author. Blogger became an official job title for many, turning hobby into a lucrative business opportunity.

Even the celebrities have used the chance themselves starting their lifestyle or advisory blogs. Their popularity grew bigger and bigger to finally allow the authors to write and publish their books. They soon began to act as an expert, authority and idol for their audiences.


In today’s world blogs more often than not are being replaced with YouTube channels. The users have made one step further and they do not create new content per se. With the use of their phones and cameras they are directors and actors making short videos themselves.

Vloggers upload their daily vlogs – raw content of what they do in a day or during a trip. They show their daily routine, taking the viewer through literally all the steps of getting ready for work or school. Expect to see how they wake up, brush their teeth, prepare breakfast or clean up. Feel invited to their business meetings and fun after-work activities. Spend the whole evening with them and their friends having dinner to finally say goodnight as they enter their bedroom.

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